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Find quick answers to common questions about TBAF App and more at this page. Simplify your app experience with our FAQ section.

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Watch Quick Video

The home page is where you can post your pet’s pictures and see other people’s pet’s pictures. Think of it as the purest kind of social media possible – only cute animal pics! What could be better than that?!

Finding a vet is not always easy. 

Either because you have an exotic pet and regular search functions on maps and search engines don’t really filter that very well, or even if you do not have an exotic vet but you’re in a more remote part of the world and your animal companion is new to your family and what about if it’s middle of the night and you don’t know which ones are open for emergencies and which are not. This is why we are building a database of veterinary practices worldwide. By inputting it on a per pet basis, it lets us automatically know which types of animals are accepted. We will of course reach out to the vets and confirm everything with them before making it publicly available but you will given us a major boost forward in this endeavour.

The reason we request it on a per pet basis is because vets can be specialized. Some are only for certain types of animals. Since we already have your pet’s info by knowing who the vet is for that pet, we can automatically parse the database of vets (and rescues) per confirmed animal type.

We don’t want to bombard you with notifications of lost pets that are irrelevant to where you are. By tracking your location you will only be notified of lost pets that you might actually cross.

Yes! The TBAF app is absolutely free to use. For the more cynical of you out there, let us explain. Every app has costs involved of course. And there are plans on how to bring in enough revenue to cover the costs of development, hosting and maintenance. But those plans will never include taking payment for the app’s basic services and it will never impede your enjoyment of the app. In the meantime though, you are welcome to donate [link to donation page] since indeed the costs of development, hosting and maintenance are high.

There are two reasons the TBAF app is free. The first is that love animals. I know the pain of losing an animal and the joy at finding them again. If I could do anything to help in this regard, I would. And I can. By letting everyone use this app, I am doing my part in helping animals worldwide. The second reason is that the more people download the TBAF app, the better it is for everyone. So we removed whatever barriers there were to using it. Including payment.

First of all, we have the utmost respect for you. There are many ways you can use the app now already and there are more we have planned for you in the very near future, just bear with us a bit longer. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to reach out and let us know.

You absolutely should. What is already available is a Partnerships option but there is also something else we are working on that will soon be made public. We want to make sure we build it in a way that will be useful and enjoyable to everyone so please reach out so you can be a part of the process and make this into your dream :)

So many… too many. We need to filter and sort our entire wish list. Our dev team will hate us for doing this but you are welcome to let us know any suggestions you have for our future development. We want to hear from you!

We value your input!

Feel free to contact us to share your feedback, suggestions, or to get in touch with our team. Your thoughts help us improve and serve you better.